Stultz stats! Managing broker Kristine Stultz breaks records, regionally and nationally

ANACORTES, WA, January 12, 2022 –

In the incomparably beautiful locales of Anacortes, Bow, and Samish and Whidbey islands, there is a real estate star who is breaking records and serving clients with inestimable style.

It’s a wrap for a breathtaking 2021 year in real estate. And managing broker Kristine Stultz took it all in and made the year her best yet.

Check out the Stultz Stats for 2021:

  • #1 individual for gross volume for RE/MAX Gateway, located in Anacortes, WA.
  • Made the top 10 producers for RE/MAX Gateway.
  • And nationally, check this out! Kristine made the top 100 individual agents RE/MAX in the US.

Recent clients rave about her. Succinctly put by this buyer, whose house closed in July 2021, “BEST realtor I’ve had the privilege of working with PERIOD.”

“She is very much on top of things, very knowledgeable, thoughtful, and professional,” said a seller, whose house closed in August 2021. “Kristine is a joy to work with and has become a friend to us.”

At, she’s got even more impressive statistics and client stories. One of Kristine’s beliefs, captured in this smart tagline, is“who you work with matters!”

At RE/MAX Gateway, we feel incredibly fortunate to work with Kristine, and to learn from and collaborate with this beautifully energetic expert.

Commenting on Kristine’s success, founder and owner Blake Boatman said, “You can be the best educated and most motivated broker, and Kristine is all that. But if you don’t emanate a positive attitude, nothing works.” Blake summed up, “Kristine’s success is inside-out, lights-out: she’s a best broker, for her expertise and compelling personality.”

About RE/MAX Gateway

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