SERIOUS KAPACITY + Marketing phenom Kaysie Berry goes for broke-r! 

by Tara Gilligan Reimer

BELLINGHAM, WA—Summer 2022 

Kaysie Berry created the first real estate TikTok spool of Sudden Valley, capturing the allure of lodge-style homes between mountains and lake.

Need a stylized pop-by gift, to stay top-of-mind with your client? She always delivers. (One favorite: a picnic-pack of condiments—including mustard and mayo—with the fun pitch of “relishing” to “ketchup” on your property value!) 

On the home front, she and her husband along with their three children recently built a chicken coop, using only old material salvaged from their newly purchased farm. (Follow along her homestead journey on Instagram.)

Yes, she is that Pinterest-powered, marketing-machine, creativity-queen, now newly minted broker. Kaysie Berry has serious capacity, and she’s bestowing it all on the clients and friends of top-producing Weitzel Home Team (WHT) at RE/MAX Whatcom County. 


Her record: a packed promotional portfolio 

The team already knows her power. Eighteen months ago, Kaysie transitioned from her private photography business to coordinate the marketing for WHT. 

Her promotional portfolio includes custom pop-by gifts and closing baskets (she loves shopping!), a monthly newsletter with a perfect array of real estate news and local flavors, event planning, personable messaging and writing (the best the team has had), lovely graphic design, and coherent social media (with Insta reels and posts)—a new and bigger presence for the group. 

For pop-bys, the most recent creations are for her kids’ teachers and influencers at the end of this school year: an ice scream scoop, gift card to local Edaleen Dairy, and the tagline: “I’ve got the ‘SCOOP’ on the Real Estate Market!” 

For closing baskets, her favorites include the three themes captured below. Movie night, anyone? New to Washington (with custom tea towels, made by Kaysie). Home Sweet Home!


Her sense of belonging 

So, for the last year-and-a-half, Kaysie watched and worked with Carmen, Chris, Tracy, and Sydney. That’s top producer Carmen Andrew who owns WHT with top producer Chris WeitzelTracy Hinojosa is their incredibly personable buyer broker. And Sydney Weitzel, one year new to her namesake team, brings a decade of corporate experience along with expertise as a certified public accountant. 

“I want to grow up to be like them,” Kaysie generously offers. (Pictured l-r: Chris Weitzel, Sydney Weitzel, Kaysie Berry, Carmen Andrew, Tracy Hinojosa.)

This year, she attended her first RE/MAX R4, the real estate lollapalooza of training and networking. The camaraderie there solidified something important: a sense of belonging to the real estate life. 


Her leadership through service 

“Is it wrong to say I just want to help people?” Kaysie laughs, trying to move attention away from her accomplishments and toward her truly giving nature. She understands the market may be shifting from red-hot to something more moderate, and she’s not deterred.  

Hmm, sound familiar? Our CEO and founder, Lori Reece, said recently at another lively roundtable, “We’re not selling, we’re serving.” 

And WHT co-owner Carmen is a Brian Buffini acolyte. Buffini combines the singular warmth of his Irish upbringing with American entrepreneurship, all to create a circle of friends, who trust you to list their homes. Brian’s invitation isn’t to text, email, or call—but to “go see your favorite people.” 

Team co-leader and mentor Carmen embraces this highly personable approach. And so does Kaysie. 

“I’m a gift-giver,” Kaysie explains. (She once found giant golf umbrellas on sale at $5 a pop. So, she purchased a bundle for all the playground duties at her children’s school.) 

“I don’t know how she does it,” says Carmen. “She’s a force. And she uses her gifts to lift our team.” 


Her forever home story 

If you’re lucky, there are times in your life when everything seems meant to be.  

This past summer, Kaysie discovered acreage for sale on historic Shintaffer Road, a two-laner that connects rolling land to blue sea. There were 15 offers on the farmhouse, so Kaysie wrote a letter. As she knows, you also make your own luck. 

The Shintaffer house could be the Berry house, if Kaysie and her husband could sell their current place. WHT broker, Sydney, brought an Arizona buyer to satisfy the contingent property. 

But the story doesn’t end with Kaysie’s dream.  

Two doors down on Shintaffer is also Kaysie’s very first sale, another farmhouse for her aunt. In the span of one week, Kaysie got her fingerprints taken on Monday (required for a broker’s license) and passed her real estate license exam on Wednesday. On Friday, as she drove up to Lakeway for onboarding, she received confirmation that her broker license was officially active. That same day, she wrote the winning offer on the farmhouse for her aunt. “It all happened in one week,” she laughs. 

Kaysie is the kind of person who can build something bigger than you might imagine on your own. That’s a secret to being a great person—and broker. 

You’ll see Kaysie the most on her Realtor Insta.

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