SCIENTIFIC ABOUT SUCCESS! Michael Lindberg translates science start-ups to commercial real estate

by Tara Gilligan Reimer

ANACORTES, WA—August 26, 2022

Michael Lindberg neatly sums up commercial real estate, as he aims to take it from particle to portfolio.

“Residential real estate caters to emotion while commercial focuses on financial growth. As a result, many commercial contracts are off-market, the pace is aggressive, and the goals are numerically defined,” explains the newest commercial broker to RE/MAX Gateway. 

Applying the science

The startling part of Michael’s story is in his applied science. He’s trained as a molecular biologist.

Michael received a Bachelor of Arts degree in molecular biology from Pitzer College, a prestigious school and part of The Claremont Colleges. As a scientist, he performed research at Fred Hutch, scaled a lab at Keck Science Department, and most notably, started a microbiology lab at the University of Washington.

The transition from biology to real estate may not seem natural, but Michael breaks it down with compelling quickness.

“Real estate is one of the most entrepreneurial and collaborative industries. I saw an opportunity to distinguish myself in life science real estate, having a background in science and a family in real estate.”

Michael’s familiarity with commercial real estate starts from growing up in the business. Parent Maria Lindberg began the Lindberg Group in 2002 as a RE/MAX broker and is hailed as a “rock star” by RE/MAX Gateway owner Lori Reece

Representing the new generation of brokers, Michael says, “My purpose in real estate is to distinguish RE/MAX Commercial Gateway in the Pacific Northwest.”

Adding value

This broker continues a thoughtful discussion with some takeaway points.

As brokers, I firmly believe our job is to add value beyond providing data,” says Michael. 

“Technology is changing, and so are we. We leverage technology to strengthen relationships and provide clients with digestible analytics, resources, and supporting evidence.”

He wraps up, “The purpose of analyzing a client’s portfolio is to refresh, recapitalize, and repurpose commercial real estate. We have a team of talents who can provide that proficiency.”

Connecting at the molecular level

Michael learned and led laboratory start-ups and management. Building, restructuring, and managing labs require business planning, scaling for costs, achieving sales numbers, and analyzing assets.

Michael says the team is key, especially a commercial cadre with complete skills.

He offers up a hypothesis on real estate talent. “Real estate brokers are often exceptional at sales—and sometimes not as great at organization,” he describes.

“Administration leaders are excellent at organization—and not necessarily as strong in sales.”

Michael emphasizes that clients and successful brokerages need both kinds of power. The Lindberg Group partnered with RE/MAX Commercial Gateway to build an exceptional team in order to provide exceptional service.

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