Michael Shkurat is headed to R4: he leads global RE/MAX with 100% Booj participation

Vegas diaries: on the way to R4!


On the RE/MAX Whatcom County leadership crew, he’s a go-to point-person. Every day of the week.

Got a computer virus? Text Michael Shkurat.

Need to boost your customer relationship management systems? Call Michael.

Deleted your email in-box? (It’s happened.) Email Michael (with humility, from your Outlook trash can).

His expertise is not only his ability to address all things tech. His appeal is also in his exceedingly patient (and inscrutable) responses. No matter how badly you’ve tangled your software and hardware, Michael, Chief Marketing Officer & Director of IT, often responds, “Oh, I see!” As if he can see exactly how you got yourself into your mess. No matter the issue, he gets us all back online, our business’ lifeline.

Troubleshooting, in our everyday systems, is what brokers recognize him for. Global RE/MAX recognizes him for something different.

Because of Michael’s initiative and leadership, RE/MAX Whatcom County is the first brokerage in the global RE/MAX network to have 100% of its agents online, with comprehensive branded websites, all on one platform.

This feat is an accomplishment that no other RE/MAX company has done.

Michael and Chief Financial Officer Lisa Carlson are part of an every-other-week corporate resource meeting, led by Timothy Ross (out of Texas). Taking part in this ongoing development group leads to innovation and best practices that Michael and Lisa like to turn around and pass along to brokers, through workshops or one-on-one coaching sessions.

“I understood that getting every single agent in our brokerage on the Booj website platform was a global initiative,” Michael explained. “So, I put a deadline on that goal and achieved 100% participation by December 2021.”

Booj, is RE/MAX-specific and branded, designed to, well, boost and juice contacts and leads. This customer relationship management system, crucial for any agent’s business, is built into each website.

“Of course, we’re thrilled to have this number-one distinction, because of Michael’s work,” said Lisa. “We wanted to thank him, by bringing him to the largest RE/MAX gathering, R4. But we also want Michael to be seen as a RE/MAX innovator.”

This past year, in between the daily calls for tech help, Michael blocked out time, to achieve his goal that benefits the entire team of brokers. He took RE/MAX Whatcom County from a 30-40% broker participation rate to 100%. He got all of us wired up, and set a global record, as well.

“As we kick off this social media series, we couldn’t think of a better representative to start us off on our countdown to R4,” says Chief Executive Officer Lori Reece. “Michael has been critical in helping our brokerage grow.”

Why are you going to R4?

Are you attending for the first time, taking your team, or presenting? From Whatcom County or Vegas, email Tara at [email protected]. We’d love to post your story and share your excitement, as you prepare and attend this annual gathering.

About R4

This annual event, the gathering of RE/MAX brokers from around the globe, features special guest speakers, wall-to-wall educational workshops, unrivaled entertainment, and the experience of the power of the internationally known RE/MAX brand. All found at remaxevents.com.

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