ELAN + Morgan Faison gracefully steps onto Team Kelli Lang

by Tara Gilligan Reimer

ANACORTES, WA—August 15, 2022

Grace personified.

Morgan Faison, newest broker to RE/MAX Gateway, fits right in to the warm and polished Team Kelli Lang (TKL) picture.

Effortlessly, she pairs a cabled ivory vest over a white linen dress, for Pacific Northwest chic in her professional broker photo.

Easily, Morgan settles her two-year old and five-year-old (pictured above), then pivots into a thoughtful interview.

Elegantly, she describes her San Juan Island and Anacortes surroundings: “It’s like stepping into a postcard.”


Morgan’s entrance to TKL seems perfectly timed, for her and her new team.

“For the last five years, I’ve enjoyed raising my children,” she says. “But I also wanted to challenge myself.”

That’s when she encountered TKL marketing director Bailey Moody, who encouraged Morgan to apply for a buyer broker position. “Bailey knows my energy can match the team’s energy,” Morgan explains. “She also knows of my loyalty and drive for creativity.”

Morgan recently earned her broker license. And she loves what she sees ahead.


What does she like most about being on TKL? “Kelli Lang has this infectious energy,” enthuses Morgan. “She is always pushing you for success.”

That success shows up in the numbers. Year after year, TKL puts up impressive stats. Just published by Real Trends/America’s Best List: TKL ranks an impressive #4 for volume and #2 for sides in Washington (for medium-sized teams, 2021 data). Teams ranked are among the top 1.5% of real estate pros in the US.


Morgan speaks about her enthusiasm for the field. “I’m passionate about being part of life-altering decisions. That doesn’t happen in every line of work, does it?” she wonders aloud. “Helping someone purchase their first home—that’s huge.”

She also speaks to a balance that a lot of working parents yearn for. “Having been at home with my two children for the last five years, now this is something for myself.”


When you’ve made a move—not just across town but across the country’s expanse—you become practiced at making big changes. Morgan’s husband (pictured above) works for the Navy, where moving is a way to live and serve. Morgan and her husband relocated from their childhood homes and roots in Georgia, to the Pacific Northwest.

Their big move across the country inspired her father-in-law. He also moved from Georgia, taking up work for a Seattle company. “My father-in-law loves the natural beauty as much as we do!” Morgan laughs.


Marked by mountain ranges, Pacific coastline, and lush forests, the Pacific Northwest often inspires a year-long, nature bliss. Morgan is still feeling the effects.

“It is just picturesque here, everywhere you turn,” she says. “The beauty brings an ease, so that it’s hard to have a bad day.”

She thoughtfully adds, “I love the community of our Island County-Anacortes life, and I’m looking forward to welcoming others to it.”

Building lives, connecting with others, and proving a work ethic. Sounds like classic TKL.

About RE/MAX Gateway

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