Careful Research Leads Ground-breaking Broker to RE/MAX Gateway


Earning a college degree.

Launching a career.

Owning your first home.

These are important life markers. But for anyone new to a country, these achievements are more significant, because resources of wealth and intelligence are created for future generations.

Enter professional broker, Olivia Galindo, who was born in Oaxaca, Mexico; graduated Central Washington University with a degree in business administration; now married and raising her children, first-generation Americans in Skagit County.

RE/MAX Gateway is honored to welcome Olivia, who will focus on residential, multi-family (an emerging trend in real estate), and land markets. She is a licensed broker (since 2006), successful property manager, proud wife and mother of three, and proficient in two languages.

“I carefully researched brokerages,” said Olivia, who, notably, purchased her first tri-plex as well as 33 rental units in 2005. “I heard two things about RE/MAX: great training and great people.” She summed up, “That’s why I’m here.”

Gateway Broker/Owner Blake Boatman knows the value of brokers like Olivia. “The future of the U.S. buying market is Hispanic families. And Skagit County proudly leads the way.” About 18% of the total Skagit population reports as Hispanic or Latino.

Olivia said, “Getting any family into their first home is amazing. I know RE/MAX, with their broker training, will help me do that for my clients, many times over.”

Exceptional training is the company signature, thanks to Lori Reece, Gateway co-owner and CEO founder of RE/MAX Whatcom County. “The best brokers come to us because we specialize in market savvy, and as importantly, people. Markets are always changing, and training—with financial knowledge—is key. Broker trust is all about relationship, and THAT is our highest calling.”

In her free time, Olivia enjoys being with her husband, three amazing children, and dog Gizmo. Like many global citizens, Olivia and her family love to travel, and just returned from Isla Mujeres, Mexico—land of blue seas and pristine beaches. “My children loved their ‘getaway to home’ and being able to speak Spanish,” she said.

Olivia can be reached at (360) 643-6660 and [email protected]. In English and Español, of course.


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