Vanessa Kennedy

Vanessa Kennedy

Vanessa started at RE/MAX July of 2021. Her path in Real Estate started with rentals at Landmark Real Estate. She found a passion in helping others find their homes while hosting showings, and helping tenants envision what the interior space could be. As for her future in Real Estate, she sees herself becoming a licensed assistant. 

Vanessa lives in Burlington, WA with her dog, Rocky, and her boyfriend, Ben. Her favorite part of everyday is breakfast time. No matter what time it is- when she wakes up, it’s breakfast time. Eggs benedict is her go-to! 

She also enjoys adventure, new experiences, and anything creative. Some of her newest hobbies are watercolor painting, making raspberry jam, and snowboarding. Vanessa has a strong desire to be outside, specifically near the water. She is happiest when near the water. Rocky and Vanessa recommend visiting Squalicum Dog Park and Beach in Bellingham, WA. That’s their favorite beach, especially on a warm day when the tide goes out. 

I am: Prideful

Born in: An ambulance truck! – Shelton, WA.

Proudest Moment: Of all time – realizing that I am capable of obtaining anything I want in this world.

Recently – achieving a snowboarding goal that I had set at the beginning of last season.

Biggest Challenge: Moving off my reservation, where I had lived my entire life.

Alarm Clock: 6:30 am.

Perfect Day: I cook breakfast at 8 am with my love as we dance to country music in the kitchen, and the air smells like bacon. Later we take Rocky, our dog, on an adventure we’ve never done before. We eat turkey pesto sandwiches for lunch with a view of the water and then he drives us home as the sun sets and turns the clouds a deep pink against the blue sky. We end the night with another home cooked meal and coffee ice cream. 

First Job: School, of course!

Superhero Power: Patience.

Inspiration: Endless possibilities. 

RE/MAX Is: A welcoming company who truly appreciates each person as the individual they are.