Lisa Carlson


Lisa has been with RE/MAX Whatcom County since the beginning. She joined Lori Reece when she started the business in 1991. Even though she has been here since the beginning, she took a leave for some time after expecting her 2nd child.

Lisa is skilled at financial strategy, management of financial risks, company growth, and IT solutions. She loves to foster fun environments where team members feel encouraged, supported and appreciated in the work space.

Lisa currently holds her Managing Brokers license. She is a mother to two children, CJ and Haley and grandmother to Huxley Jackson.  When she’s not working, she loves traveling, hot yoga, and anything that involves music. She also loves a good belly laugh.

I am: grateful

Born in: the USA.

Proudest Moment: Riding my bicycle 70 miles when I wasn’t a biker to raise money for a friend.

Biggest Challenge: Not trying this at home when they tell you “Don’t try this at home”.

Alarm Clock: 5:05 a. m.

Perfect Day: At home digging in the dirt with country music on the speakers.

First Job: Dishwasher, and it is still a job at home :).

Superhero Power: Forgiveness to all, even though some act as they don’t deserve it.

Inspiration: “Even if you are on the right track, you will get run over if you just sit there”.

RE/MAX Is: The #1 name in real estate.